Everybody has a story to tell?

We are about to send out the manuscript. I am more excited than I was 25 years ago when the local newspaper printed my first reports on 11th division football matches and family parties in the community mall.

The past weeks I have spent rewriting his drafts, debating settings, characters, plots and subplots. It feels like after decades of being a professional writer I have discovered a new passion – writing.

Countless times I’ve been told that everybody has a story to tell, only mine I wasn’t able to locate. I had made peace with starving as an uninspired craftsman a long time ago. Then the author handed me all the imagination and fantasy that I lack, and he had even done most of the groundwork.

Now we’re about to have the combination of his art and my craft measured. Should it turn out to be garbage, I will be disappointed, not suicidal. I can just go back to being an uninspired craftsman. Should it turn out to be good, even better. There are more than 900.000 words left that I’d love to rewrite.