Strutting around with stillbirths

Is it presumptuous to publish a blog about writing in a language you haven’t mastered? Probably. At least I know what I am talking about, so the content should be tolerable, even though my English may be poor.

Is it presumptuous to write a book without knowing anything about writing? Yes. Everybody and their mother writes a book in these days of self publishing, and many of these authors don’t even bother to learn some basics, practice, collect critique, digest it and only then start seriously. As a result their writing bumbles about. Or worse.

Be it the former husband of my fiancee’s friend or the former colleague of my mother; constantly someone pops up who has just written a book, struts around with it and collects facebook likes for investing thousands of hours into a stillbirth.

The author is an exception. He has gifts to work with that most people lack. Never have I met anyone with an imagination this vivid and a vision this versatile. Digging through pages and pages of his meandering unclearness and redundancies is tiring, but each time I know I will find a reward that makes it worth it. I love to let these buried diamonds shine, be it a a spot on description or a phrase that is more striking than anything I would ever come up with.

Should I complain about amateurs writing books? Certainly not. If only more of them would call for an editor.


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